MIHO SASAKI ... composer, pianist, teacher

MIHO SASAKI  composer


  • CHOSEN (2009), for orchestra
  • AND A PART OF .... (2010), for wind ensemble
  • RYUKI: "Earth is Alive" (2012), for orchestra
  • RUACH: Spirit, Breath, Wind  (2013), for wind ensemble
  • SILVER GENTLE (2015), for brass choir and percussion
  • SACROSANCT (2016), for large orchestra
  • PECULIAR WAVE (2019), for chamber wind ensemble and percussion
  • REVERENCE FOR THE GODDESS (2020), for large symphonic wind ensemble
  • NEW WORK (2021), for chamber wind ensemble


  • EMBRYO (2009), for solo piano
  • CLOUD CRADLE (2009), for voice and ensemble
  • SHRIMP IN THE BAMBOO FOREST (2010), for chamber ensemble
  • IKI (2011), for solo flute
  • DEATH OR KIKI (2011), for chamber ensemble
  • REACHING ...  (2012), for chamber ensemble
  • GRANDIFLORA (2013), for solo piano
  • SHINKAI 350 C (2014), for clarinet and piano
  • BRICK OF PRESSURE (2014), for five trumpets
  • EL PUENTE (2015), for bassoon and piano
  • BRIDGE (2016), for baritone sax and piano
  • THE SOUL OF LIGHTS FREEZE (2017), for clarinet and piano
  • SPECTRA DESPINA (2018), for violin and accordion
  • OPERATION IRONWOOD (2018), for cello and accordion (bayan)
  • SANSHISUIMEI (2018), for solo piano
  • JO NO JO (2018), for piano four hands (and two melodicas)
  • PRELUDE: PROLOGUE TO KEZURI (2018), for piano four hands
  • TRACING THE FOOTPRINTS, could've been somebody else  (2018), for cello & accordion
  • KOMOREBI : Tree Escape Light  (2019), for solo alto saxophone 
  • RYŪHYŌ : "Drift Ice"  (2019), for bass clarinet and bayan accordion
  • ARIA: UNLEASHED (2019), for prepared piano
  • PECULIAR WAVE (2019), for chamber winds ensemble and percussion
  • THE MIDNIGHT SUN (2020), for clarinet and accordion
  • A LITTLE PEACE IN THE ALLEY LOOKING AT BLUE SKY (2020), for solo clarinet
  • SWIRLING SPHERES (2021), for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
  • PRECES NOSTRAE (2021-2022), for SATB choir (3-part Children's choir) and SATB solos with harp, handbells, piano and organ
  • IN THE WISTFUL HEART OF NIGHT (2022), for SSA voices with piano accompaniment

  • PRECES NOSTRAE (2021-2022), for SATB choir (3-part Children's choir) and SATB solos with harp, handbells, piano and organ
  • IN THE WISTFUL HEART OF NIGHT (2022), for SSA voices with piano accompaniment


  • Fort Smith (AR) Symphony Orchestra
  • Manhattan Chamber Orchestra (NYC)
  • RAM Random Access Music (NYC)
  • Capital University Conservatory Orchestra (OH)
  • The Generous Ensemble (Hartford, CT)
  • Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (NYC)
  • Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) Wind Ensemble
  • Superkenbansisters - piano duo Omori & Takahashi  (Japan)
  • Portland (Maine) Conservatory of Music - music for 8 pianos 
  • North Meridian Brass Choir (Indianapolis)
  • Flutist Hiroko Senoo (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Saxophonist Gail Levinsky (USA)
  • University of the Pacific (CA) 
  • Capital University (OH) NOW Festival Chamber Music
  • Butler University (IN) Wind Ensemble 
  • Tokyo to New York Concert Series, Manhattan, NYC  3X
  • Arts Mid-Hudson / Cultural Services French Embassy (NYC)
  • Beethoven 250: new work for German pianist Susanne Kessel (Bonn, Germany)

  • Fort Smith (AR) Symphony Orchestral Association: 2017/18 Florence Price recording project. 
Florence Price's original hand manuscript of her Symphony No. 4 in D Minor (1945) was transcribed and engraved into Finale software by Miho Sasaki for public performance (FSSO, May 2018, John Jeter, conductor) and subsequent FSSO commercial recording (NAXOS #8.559827).

MIHO SASAKI is a BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) composer

Scores and parts are available directly from Sasaki:   

CONTACT:  sasakismiho55@aol.com




Premiere of Miho Sasaki's iki, for solo flute, 
by Hiroko Senoo


Miho Sasaki working with FSSO conductor John Jeter

Miho Sasaki's RYUKI (Earth is Alive) : (click the title to listen)


Sasaki speaking with the audience at the performances of her work

RYUKI "Earth is Alive"

Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Orchestra 

Troy Webdell, conductor         


Premiere of Peculiar Wave for chamber wind ensemble at University of Connecticut 

Vu Nguyen, conductor